Flower Valley

Client: Flower Valley Conservation Trust
Status: Project on hold

The Flower Valley Conservation Trust is an NGO acting as the custodians of a critically endangered landscape, home to a vegetation type which is totally endemic to a small portion of South Africa. 

Fybos is one of the 6 floral kingdoms and is the smalles and richest in the world. With some 9000 species which only grow in a narrow coastal band, the protection of this biodiverse area is critical. 

The Flower Valley Sustainable Environmental Education Development (SEED) is a self-sufficient rural settlement on a wild flower picking farm. The integrated project design develops symbiotic generative long term sustainable solutions to social, economic and eco-systems. 

SEED is a hybrid community based education and rural development project. It weaves together the ecosystem conservation and harvesting with wilderness education, providing work for the rural poor in sustainable eco-system harvesting wilderness education programmes.

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